Cluster Ball Twin Pack of Pillows


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Neuhaus Cluster Ball Fibre Pillow

The Luxurious Neuhaus Cluster Ball Fibre King Size Pillow comes as a set of two.

At the end of the day, your pillow’s most important job is to support you in your go-to sleeping position, all night long.

The Neuhaus Pillow is made using the softest cluster ball fibre filling and a 100% cotton cover with piped edge.

Pure soft Luxury while you sleep

Features of the Cluster Ball Fibre Pillow:

  • Luxurious cluster ball fibre filling
  • Approximate measurements: 19” x 36” (48cm x 91cm)
  • Machine Washable

Neuhaus is renowned for its temperature regulating bedding and this king size pillow will give you a sound night''s sleep. As this cooling pillows ensure a peaceful night''s sleep

The synthetic, cluster ball filling offers medium support and springs back into shape each morning so you won''t lose support over time.

The pillow is covered with a cool and comfortable cotton percale shell.

To Prolong the life of your new pillow we advise you covering it with a pillow protector.


Width Height
75cm 50cm