Who's Sleeping With Your Son & Daughter

Who's Sleeping With Your Son & Daughter

Martin and Moyra are having bedroom related problems once again, but this time it’s all to do with their son Joey.

He has started college and now has his own bedroom issues.
Martin and Moyra have worked hard over the years to become pillars of the local
community and the last thing they need are horror stories circulating the village about
their son and who or what is in bed with him. It got back to his parents that Joey was
sleeping with over 50,000 individuals a week. That produces a lot of sweat, all of it soaking
into his mattress.

“It will fall off him” cried Martin. “Sure he’s a chip off the auld block” Moyra replied. “You
and I met in college and you were doing the very same thing, I will never forget the first
night I went back to your bed, it was like something from Ripley’s Believe it or Not! Your
mattress was alive with mites, soaked in sweat and had more previous tenants than your
mother’s house at race week, God rest her soul”.

At the time, Moyra dragged Martin down to Better Bedding and made him buy a new
mattress, a mattress protector and some quality bed linen on the condition that he would
not get within a ass’s roar of her again until he did so. She was not going to share the bed
with up to 10,000 dust mites every night, over 900 grams of dead skin and the
accumulation of years of sweat - over 200ml a night!

Now Moyra and Martin are heading back to Better Bedding. They will send Joey off to
college with everything he needs to get a great nights sleep - a great mattress, quality bed
linen and most importantly, a mattress protector. After all, a great nights sleep is the rock
upon which a great education is built.

So, as your son or daughter head off to college, make sure to send them off with everything
they need for a great nights sleep, especially a mattress protector. BUY NOW!

You can contact any of our sales consultants on (091) 756766.
For best results drop in and jump on a bed.

* The names have been changed to protect the privacy of the individuals involved.

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