Are you getting your Beauty Sleep?

Are you getting your Beauty Sleep?

Last year the skin care industry was worth an estimated 130 billion dollars in global sales. This included everything from cleansers and moisturisers, to serums and scrubs. The problem with a lot of these products is that they are loaded with chemicals which the body has to sift through and expel on a daily basis. There is however, one very simple,  often overlooked beauty ingredient that is absolutely priceless, and that is sleep. Sleep beats any lotion or potion hands down. It is the most natural way to keep your skin youthful, hydrated and glowing from the inside out. 

The most apparent short and long term consequences of sleep deprivation include a pallid complexion, dehydrated skin, swollen or sunken eyes and dark circles. What makes sleep so vital for our skin is that during sleep our bodies undergo an essential system of self-healing. Tens of thousands of new cells are created during sleep which are vital to the body's regenerative and renewal processes. During the third and fourth restorative cycles of sleep, the body produces collagen. This replenishes our skin keeping it smooth, supple and youthful. 

When we sleep we breath more deeply, our bodies are in a relaxed state and the stress hormone Cortisol is reduced. Reducing Cortosil is essential for helping your body fight inflammation and infection. Reducing inflammation can help reduce flare ups of acne, eczema, psoriasis and skin allergies. 

How to get the most from your beauty sleep. 

Sleep is a pleasure. There is nothing quite like sinking into a restful slumber at the end of the day. Problems arise when we can’t quieten our minds or settle our bodies. Setting a bedtime routine with some simple steps geared towards optimum sleep is a good place to start. 

  • Ensure you are sleeping on a good quality mattress. Everyone has a different preference regarding what they find comfortable. If your mattress is old or uncomfortable you may want to consider replacing it. A mattress that offers both support and comfort and aligns to your natural sleeping position will work wonders for your physical comfort and help you to sleep soundly throughout the night. 

  • Don’t sleep in a room that is too warm. While it might seem inviting, you should be warm enough under the covers. A room that is too warm from central heating can dehydrate your body and your skin. 

  • Choose a pillow that allows your skin to glide on the surface. Consider a silk pillowcase. Cotton can be quite rigid and grab the skin as you sleep aiding in the formation of lines and wrinkles. Silk is a natural fabric that can aid with skin hydration and can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. 

  • Sleep in a dark room and put your mobile phone in flight mode. EMF signals mimic light waves and the brain cannot tell the difference. Light waves inhibit the production of melatonin. Melatonin not only regulates the sleep wake cycles but is essential for gobbling up free radicals which are created during cell production.  

  • Don’t eat a large meal too close to bed time. The body uses a phenomenal amount of energy during digestion. That energy could be better spent on the renewal and repair process.

  • Get as much sleep as you can. This may sound obvious but we often push through tiredness because of daily demands. Take time out for yourself and listen to your body. A nap, even for a few minutes can work wonders.                                                               

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