True benefits of comfortable & regular sleep for young children

True benefits of comfortable & regular sleep for young children

Quality sleep is essential for children’s growth and development. We need to pass on the skills of good sleep to children as early as possible to allow them to get the best benefit from an early age. In other words the ‘achievement’ of sleep is a learned skill which will aid health, growth and mental function for life.

As far as children are concerned the main benefit of sleep is the release of growth hormone encouraging normal growth and bodily development.

Secondly the brain benefits, by aiding the process of concentration the making sense of the day’s events, the things they learn at school and the skills they are developing as they grow.

Thirdly, healthy brain development and emotional/mental health are encouraged by the ‘de-toxifying’ benefits of good sleep.

There’s an increasing body of evidence showing the damaging effect on children and young adults who get less sleep than they need from weight gain to depression, from poor performance and concentration to reduced creative ability and lower immunity to diseases - at a time when the pressure of the modern world are definitely leading to decreased sleep times. Parents need to be aware of the potential long term harm of not getting enough sleep and not developing knowledge of good sleep habits.

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